ClassicBitcoin (CBTC)

ClassicBitcoin is a New Innovative Cryptographic Currency Forked form the Bitcoin Blockchain, An innovative payment network, verified by network nodes and recorded in a blockchain.


BUY and SELL CBTC on These Exchangers

BUY CBTC on your favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange, Buying CBitcoins with No Risk of Assets losing Value and a potential to yield multiple times profit in a small time frame.

CBTC Features: Fast peer-to-peer transactions & low processing fees, Fast worldwide and international payments, with no extra fees and amount limits.

CBTC also hay a very large transaction Capacity that can adapt to a rapidly growing economy

ClassicBitcoin implements a Highly Secure ASIC resistant PoW algorithm, Equihash, Expensive and Centralized Mining Technology designed for BitCoin mining (ASICs) is obsolete for mining ClassicBitcoins, giving ordinary computer users the opportunity to mine Bitcoins Profitably with a CPU or GPU.

A hard fork of Bitcoin is the most fair and efficient method of creating and distributing Digital Asset. Coins that are created from a new genesis block always have ownership concentrated among a smaller group of people.
In Addition, ClassicBitcoin Miners will generate Classic Bitcoins which will be fairly distributed to Bitcoin enthusiasts and Investors through Free Airdrops and as Rewards for Community Participation.

ClassicBitcoin is a free open source software project that is built by volunteer developers and supported by a rapidly growing community of Bitcoin enthusiast



ClassicBitcoin Specifications

  • Ticker : CBTC
  • Total Supply : 210 billion
  • Distribution Ratio : 1 BTC to 10000 CBTC
  • POW Algorithm : Equihash
  • block time : 10 minutes
  • Max Block Size : 8MB

What is the Advantage of ClassicBitcoin?
ClassicBitcoin will provide an opportunity for a lot of new miners around the world to profitably participate in bitcoin mining.

How can I get ClassicBitCoins?
ClassicBitcoin (CBTC) initial coin distribution method is at a ratio of 1:10000 with Bitcoin. All Bitcoin holders who possess BTC private keys on April 1st will receive CBTC on the rate of 1 BTC = 10000 CBTC (If you own 10 BTC you will receive 100000 CBTC). You need to control BitCoin private keys in order to make CBTC Transactions.