BitMarket is set to become the most innovative online marketplace.

The BitClassic Foundation Rewards has started. Miners will be able to earn 500% more coins, this step was made to ensure ClassicBitcoin CBTC remains one of the most profitable minable coin in the industry.

  • Various currencies including CBTC and BITT will be integrated into our marketplace website, this will enable vendors and marketers to easily earn profit on their products.
  • The miners rewards program is scheduled to commence Dec 2021, also our online marketplace will offer a variety of options to earn and exchange major assets such as CBTC, BITT, BTC, ETH.
  • BitMarket members will also be greatly rewarded during the period for their efforts in building the platform.


  1. when date?

  2. How can I stake bit token

  3. Hi

  4. Man ive been waiting for years even for a response I have over 15000 on site that I can’t move or anything and no response from anyone what a waste of my life im asking years I’ve been coming here and waiting

    • Dude I hear you. I’m in the same boat as you. I don’t even know what kind of crypto I’m holding anymore. It used to say cbtc now I think ots BITT. If you ever find any info, let me know. I’ll do the same for you.


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