✅✅✅ The BitClassic Foundation Rewards has started. 🅱️ Miners will be able to earn 500% more coins, this step was made to ensure ClassicBitcoin remains one of the most profitable minable coin. 💱

💠 Various currencies including CBTC and BITT will be integrated into our marketplace website, this will enable vendors and marketers to easily earn profit on their products. 💱 💠 The miners rewards is scheduled to commence on Dec 2021, also our online marketplace 🌐 https://bitclassic.info will offer a variety of options to earn and exchange major assets such as CBTC, BITT, BTC, ETH 💱 ✅✅✅ To buy and hold a share of CBTC now visit https://graviex.net/markets/cbtcbtc


  1. Admin

    We will post more details once we commence the programme

  2. Egodo Sydney

    Good news

  3. Michael Olszewski

    When I first used this site, I had a decent balance of CBTC. Now it all switched to BIT. Can someone explain how and why? Also can I get my CBTC back? I had a good amount.

  4. Shah


  5. Shah

    How are you

  6. Shah

    You good

  7. Shah

    Nice people

  8. Shah

    Apa khabar

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  10. Shah


  11. Shah


  12. Shah

    Wait to the moon

  13. Shah


  14. Shah

    Zaman berzaman

  15. I Made darma yasa

    How to withdraw the coin ????????

  16. I Made darma yasa

    Where is the market this coin?

  17. Ni Wayan suryani

    Kantuk katuk

  18. Ni Wayan suryani

    Best coin

  19. Ni Wayan suryani

    Lets buy

  20. Ni Wayan suryani

    Holder is winner

  21. I Made darma yasa


  22. Ni Wayan suryani

    Teli selem

  23. I Made darma yasa


  24. I Made darma yasa

    How to withdraw?

  25. Ahmed Abdelsalam


  26. Hayk

    hello how I can withdraw my account balance BIT

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