BitClassic Marketplace has Launched!

BitMarket is set to become the most innovative online marketplace. The BitClassic Foundation Rewards has started. Miners will be able to earn 500% more coins, this step was made to ensure ClassicBitcoin CBTC remains one of the most profitable minable coin in the industry. Various currencies including CBTC and BITT will be integrated into our marketplace website, this will enable vendors and market... »

BitClassic Rewards


Swap Update

  We wish to Inform you of the Update, HardFork and Rollback of ClassicBitcoin CBTC. although our initial code was based on bitcoin we did not realise we were building a world class payment and investment system on vulnerable source code. we noticed a malicious attack on the network a few months ago on block 516196 on the oldchain, promptly ww have updated to a secure blockchain The ClassicBi... »

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