We wish to Inform you of the Update, HardFork and Rollback of ClassicBitcoin CBTC.
although our initial code was based on bitcoin we did not realise we were building a world class payment and investment system on vulnerable source code.
we noticed a malicious attack on the network a few months ago on block 516196 on the oldchain, promptly ww have updated to a secure blockchain
The ClassicBitcoin network has been Updated to a Hybrid ‘Bitcoin – ZClassic Fork Merger’
A Few Technical details of the Hard Fork are as follows:

  • CBTC currency format changed from 4 decimals to 8 decimals (10000.0000 CBTC now equals 1.00000000 CBTC)
  • ClassicBitcoin oldchain Snapshot Height :536000 (Rollback height)
  • ZClassic snapshot height: 472028
  • Bitcoin Fork height: 516095
  • Solo Mining Enabled for the ClassicBitcoin Community and to better Secure the Network.
  • Faster Block Times of 2.5 minutes.
  • Lower Block Reward (0.75CBTC per Block) to Control Coin Supply.
  • The New CBTC Data Requirement now only 20GB (10%) it is safe to remove the old block data after taking backups See here for a proper procedure of backup keys and transaction data.

as the blockchain was rolled backed to block 536000, most of the traders trying to sell CBTC who deposited coins to your exchange will most likely see their coins back in their wallet.

please note that the decimal has been returned to 8 decimal points
1 CBTC is now 0.00010000 and 10000.0000 CBTC is now 1.00000000 CBTC
i hope you can support us through the update.
If you have any questions please send us a support message
Thank You for your Understanding.
ClassicBitcoin Team Admin.


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    hello how i can withdraw my balance in my destopwallet

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    Bao giờ mới có thể rút tiền trong tài khoản của tôi?

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    Lets ho buy the coin at graviex exchange. Hold hold hold

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    Bao giờ mới có thể rút tiền trong tài khoản của tôi?

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