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      ✅✅✅ The BitClassic Foundation Rewards has started.
      🅱️ Miners will be able to earn 500% more coins, this step was made to ensure
      ClassicBitcoin remains one of the most profitable minable coin. 💱

      💠 Various currencies including CBTC and BITT will be integrated into our marketplace website,
      this will enable vendors and marketers to easily earn profit on their products. 💱

      💠 The miners rewards is scheduled to commence on Dec 2021, also our online marketplace
      🌐 will offer a variety of options to earn and exchange major assets such as CBTC, BITT, BTC, ETH 💱

      ✅✅✅ To buy and hold a share of CBTC now visit

Viewing 0 reply threads
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