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      We would like to inform you of our new update to our CBTC wallet software

      ClassicBitcoin (CBTC version 2.0.2) is now released and MANDATORY wallet updates are available to download from the front page of the marketplace website ( or on github (
      The new upgrades are already live on GitHub in the master repository. This is a mandatory update and involves a hard fork on block 295000 this fork will occur before december 2021.

      The aim of the new version is ensure CBTC remains the most profitable mineable cryptocurrency, The new update will provide miner bonuses to ensure CBTC mining profitability is significantly higher than the best on the current market.
      The mining bonuses will be integrated into the website, where trader can now Buy and transfer CBTC.
      Our aim is to ensure the continued stability and security of ClassicBitcoin.

      Version 2.0.2 updates:
      * After block 295000 the following changes will come into effect.
      500% increase in Block Reward and BitMarket community Fee on new blocks for the next 2 Years. (similar to the Liquidity mining event held on block 170000)
      Fix seeding on windows.
      Minor bug fixes

      The Marketplace integration with CBTC will also enable new Traders and social users to access and transact with CBTC. We aim to kickstart the most innovative social networks through 2022.

      The CBTC Team is Devoted in the Sucess of CBTC as a top name in Cryptocurrency worldwide.

      CBTC v-2.0.2 downloads can be found here,

      CBTC homepage:
      Block explorer

      CBTC Team.

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MANDATORY UPDATE: ClassicBitcoin CBTC version 2.0.2 is ready, Download Now.